Saturday, April 28, 2007


Welcome to Chuck's Music!
As by popular demand, I am starting a new Blog, dedicated to music.
Where to start?
First the technical problems: if it's going to be about music, then it has to have music!
I won't bore you with the details, but I'm still working out a way for people to come in and listen to music as they browse. There are logistic problems involved (file storage and access). And let's not forget the copyright problems, which I intend to discuss further on in this blog - for now, I will just state that if the inventor of the wheel (and his descendancy), who worked hard at his invention, ever decided to charge copyrights on his idea...we'd still be in the stone age!

Another problem: what baffles newcomers to the blog concept, is the unavoidable "last in, first seen" structure, which might just stray me from telling [my version of] the story from beginning to end, in a neat chronological sequence. (Please use the Blog Archive on the top sidebar to navigate chronologically through the blog)

"How I tell a story" - Click on drawing to enlarge

Because that's the idea behind this blog: an illustrated story, not history, of music.
So enough for today, tomorrow the first chapter. Or maybe an introduction, first. Then again, maybe I'll start with the epilogue. Whatever clanks. Hopefuly, to music!

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