Monday, May 7, 2007

30's & 40's/Marlene Dietrich

The first sub-category for a major influence artist is Marlene Dietrich - a strange, gloomy, unmistakeable and unforgettable voice, that engraves itself into the mind of the listener and portrays dispair, dis-enchantment and seems to say "we're headed for doom, but what can we do about it, except maybe sing a sad song, light up another cigarette and have another drink..."
Fitting the pre-war years, 30's music cannot even be thought of, without reference to "The Blue Angel".
From Berlin back-drop cabarets to Hollywood stardom, she marked the era and contributed definitively with her unique style and voice, to the collective memory of the 20th century.

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Streaming Audio:
Falling In Love Again
Lili Marlene
Where Have All The Flowers Gone

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