Sunday, May 13, 2007

50's Rock/Elvis Presley

Known to this date as "The King of Rock&Roll", Elvis Presley was a worlwide phenomenon that marked the start of the history of rock, mixing looks, rebellion, voice, rythm and sensuality.
He introduced a "cool" style that has never really gone out of date.
In 1954, Elvis recorded what was to become his first major hit: "That's Alright Mama" a blues tune against a country-western beat backdrop. Such were the roots of rock'n'roll!
By 1957, the music industry was at hands with a new social phenomenon: mass hysteria. Even though he's been deceased since 1977, he has often been spotted "entering buildings".
Social considerations aside, Elvis' contribution to music was remarkable and paved the way for decades of sensuality and rebellion linked to rock, and its transe-intensifying beat.

Featured Video - Love Me Tender

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