Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Introduction - What is music

Of course, the scholarly definition of music is: an organized sequence of sounds produced in such a way that it will alter and provoke emotional states or "moods" to the person listening, and thus portraying "meaning" to the listener.
Or as wikipedia puts it, "an art form that involves organised sounds and silence."
In any case, it involves "organized" sound. Other definitions might relate it to just the concept of sound, any sound, specially if it is pleasurable - hence the expression: "that's music to my ears!"
The Bible says "in the beginning there was the verb". In my humble opinion, sound must have preceded the verb. And the verb as I understand it, being an organized super-structure of sound. The "organization of sound" evolved through history of course, along with the world; nature's way of organizing sound has its own characteristics, which I shall attempt to analyze, in the Chapter/Category "Nature Music". And after he realized he could organize sound himself, so did man's art and craft and perception of music, evolve. I shall be humbly attempting to categorize, analyze and illustrate each type of music, or the most important ones, in terms of usage.

How this blog is organized

As a consequence of a "battle" between my idea for this blog, and the technical issues risen, I shall be presenting in the next chapters (posts), categories of music, one for each chapter/post, in which I intend to expose as much information as I can on the subject (the featured category), as well as illustrate it as much as I can with significant examples: downloadable or streaming audio files, representative of the category. In number, such examples might not be exhaustive, but they will be continually growing, so check back regularly. For a list of (eventually) all the audio files presented in this blog, please visit Chuck's Music Blog Audio Files.
One last introductory question, before the chapter-categories: in which order?
Three possibilities:
1. Chronological - It would be the most logical order, yet I shan't be attempting to relate a chronology of categories, because it isn't clear nor clarifying which categories "came first", except where, appropriately and explicitly, there is a time-sequence relation between categories, in which cases such relations will be pointed out.
2. "Ad impromptu" - as the feeling comes, the most illogical order. It would be easy to fall into this temptation, due to the personal passion for some categories. I'll try to leave "personal passions" out. It wouldn't help anyone looking for a particular category, either.
3. Alphabetical - Logical enough to be organized, allowing for an impersonal yet at times surprising sequence (oh!, next is THAT category), I have chosen to take this order.
So, without further ado, earnestly hoping you the reader and listener, enjoy and get something out of it...await next posts! :)

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