Thursday, June 28, 2007

60's/Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin's story is much like the decade she grew up into: started out as a clean-cut kid in the early (necktie) sixties, ended up wild and psychadelic, and with no place else to go, in the later (hippy) sixties. She would only attain fame, though, in that second half of the decade.
She was an amazing blues voice: not clear, not crystal - rather rough and scratchy to the ear, making us all wonder how she was ever able to hit the notes she did, but she did, and when she did, her soul was all out in the open! Her voice was country, jazz, blues and rock&roll, all rolled-up into one!
According to Wiki, "Joplin is now remembered best for her powerful, and distinctive voice — her rasping, overtone-rich sound was significantly divergent from the soft folk and jazz-influenced styles that were common among many white artists at the time. To many, she personified that period of the Sixties when the San Francisco sound, along with (then considered) outlandish dress and life style, jolted the country."...and I would add, the world.
Her rebellious lifestyle was the decade, to the tragic end in 1970, (at age 27) when she was found dead in a hotel room, "most likely due to an overdose of heroin and whiskey."
We'll never forget you, Janis!

Have a smoke!

Audio Files:

Cry Baby

Down On Me
Mercedes Benz
Move Over
Piece Of My Heart
Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)
Me And Bobby McGee
Ball And Chain

Featured Video:

Little Girl Blue


Wayne Wargo said...

Wow, what a cool site! I just love the background. And, of course, who did not love Janis? And her music was fabulous!

Anonymous said...

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