Thursday, July 12, 2007

60's/The Doors

A definite contribution to the new sound of rock in the 60's, as well as to the radical rebellion, from the california beaches to the world, in psychedelic rock form, was the musical group The Doors - mainly, the leader, vocalist, poet, composer and image creator Jim Morrison. Ray Manzarek, on the keyboards, helped with the new sound. The electric organ sound was paving the way to the early 70's "moog" or electronic synthesizer - ideally, one instrument with ALL the sounds. It didn't make it all the way, but it still went quite far, specially in extending the sound capabilities of small musical groups, as were the ever emerging "rock bands".
"The Doors were unusual among rock groups because they did not use a bass guitar whilst playing live. Instead, Manzarek played the bass lines with his left hand on the newly invented Fender Rhodes bass keyboard, an offshoot of the well-known Fender Rhodes electric piano, and other keyboards with his right hand." (source: Wikipedia)
The Doors brought on a definite 60's sound, influencing many artists, in as many musical categories; rock matured as a music category on it's own, no longer considered just an emotional and youthful type of country/rythm & blues with soul; it was still blues, but it had a whole new "progressive" sound and a whole new soul, it could have deep lyrics, it could go back to older, classic roots and bring out modern age, avant-garde, art. The New was happening. The Now was here. The Future was just around the corner. Anything else from then on, had to be called "post-modern".
As to rebellion? Break everything! No one gets out alive, anyway!

Famous Quote:

"If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is: infinite."
- William Blake


Hello, I Love You
Roadhouse Blues
Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)
Break On Through (To The Other Side)
Horse Lattitudes
Indian Summer
L.A. Woman
Light My Fire
Love Her Madly
Riders On The Storm
(This Is) The End
When You're Strange

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Great blog there Chuck!

I'm only 21 but all I listen to nowadays is music from the 60's. It's far better than some of the rubbish out there today.

I also have a similar type blog showcasing the classic songs from yesteryear. I was wondering whether you would like me to promote your site in exchange for promoting mine.

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